Planned Giving Master Class


If you’re like many development leaders, planned gifts can feel like they fall from the sky. You celebrate the wins, but you keep putting off building a more robust planned giving program—because you’re not sure it will pay off in time for your CEO or your board to appreciate the hard work. Maybe you’re just pressed for time and resources in your development shop and you’re not sure which strategies to invest in. In this master class you will learn the key aspects of planned giving, how to identify planned giving prospects, and how to build a better planned giving program—from your loyal donors giving $50 year after year to your major donor who owns half the property in town.

What You’ll Learn

  • Common myths about planned giving
  • The types of planned gifts you actually need to know (don’t let those lawyers and CPAs scare you!)
  • How to evaluate your best planned giving prospects
  • How to talk to donors about planned gifts
  • How you can drive in planned gifts that pay off *now*, not in 30 years



What is included in my registration?

Registration starts with a seat in the master class, but doesn’t end there. In addition to attending the master class, you will receive:

  • training materials on the master class topic for future reference,
  • the best essays and practicalities on the master class topic from Philanthropy Daily,
  • and a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with an American Philanthropic consultant at a time of your choosing following each master class.
How much does each session cost?

All masterclasses are $250. A bundle of five classes is available for $1,000. Purchased class bundles are transferable within your organization, but only one person can participate in a class per registration.

How many people will be in the class?

Each class will have no more than 20 participants. We want to keep the classes as intimate as possible to allow time for plenty of discussion and Q&A.

How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted over video conference. Participants will receive a private link and password to join the video conference prior to the master class.

Who is the ideal participant?

The ideal participant is a nonprofit development leader with several years of fundraising experience. While most master classes include some background introductory material on the given subject, they assume a basic level of familiarity with the subject at hand and are designed to help those seeking to further develop their skills.

Do current clients receive a discount?

Yes. If you’re a current client, please contact us for a special discount code.

Will participants receive CFRE credit for participating?

No! We would post our reasoning here, but it’s lengthy. Feel free to ask—but do so at your own risk!

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